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Martin Pringle Grants Wish Through Make-A-Wish Missouri & Kansas

Martin Pringle Grants Wish Through Make-A-Wish Missouri & Kansas

March 04, 2019

It's Christmas in March at Martin Pringle!

In lieu of client holiday gifts, each year we grant a wish for a child through Make-A-Wish Missouri & Kansas. This year we granted the wish of Reese, and recently learned her wish to go to Disney World had been fulfilled.

Reese was diagnosed with leukemia in September of 2017, one day before her 4th birthday. She has endured many intense rounds of chemotherapy, numerous hospital trips to Kansas City and even a lifesaving bone marrowtransplant.

Reese loves to play with her brother, cousins and friends. When she can, Reese likes to play outside, go to the lake, and ride her four-wheeler. When she is inside she enjoys playing with Barbies, playing dress up, and coloring. She loves to go to school and enjoys participating in gymnastics and dance. Reese is a very active five-year old!

Reese’s wish was to go to Disney World because she loves princesses. She is a strong girl with a beautiful smile and her happiness shines through!

Follow Reese's journey, here.

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