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Mother Earth has a special set of rules to follow. Our approach to environmental issues is proactive, stressing compliance with environmental, health and safety requirements. And working to respect mother.

Attorneys in Environmental Law

Martin Pringle has developed significant expertise in the area of environmental law, due in part to the increase in state and federal regulations governing the management of hazardous materials. Our lawyers in every practice area are trained to spot potential environmental issues. The practice, which began with environmental issues affecting the oil and gas industry, has expanded to include work for clients engaged in a broad range of manufacturing, agriculture, banking and other business pursuits.

The firm's environmental practice includes identifying environmental issues in real estate transactions to minimize future risks and establishing a framework through which the transaction can be conducted consistent with the client's business objectives. Martin Pringle's approach to environmental issues is proactive, stressing compliance with environmental, health and safety requirements. We believe that our clients should be alerted to environmental issues which might arise in any setting and give advice on how best to address any such issues, before state or federal regulators mandate a course of action.

For clients with an existing environmental problem, we have the experience and knowledge to recommend how best to move toward a reasonable, cost-effective solution. Our lawyers have represented parties before both administrative and judicial tribunals on a range of claims arising under state and federal environmental laws, including cost recovery and contribution claims under the Superfund program. Insurance coverage is evaluated, and litigation is pursued when appropriate. Our lawyers in this practice area speak and write extensively to business groups and other lawyers about environmental issues.

Our lawyers authored chapters in the Kansas Bar Association Environmental Law Handbook dealing with environmental issues affecting lenders and agriculture. We have also developed a national reputation in advising oil and gas companies on environmental compliance matters.

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