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When an employee is injured on the job, Martin Pringle understands the effect it has on employers. Our attorneys take a proactive approach and focus on developing aggressive and consistent defenses. We’ll get everything sorted out as timely as possible so you can get out from under the microscope.

Attorneys in Workers Compensation

Martin Pringle Law Firm represents employers, self-insured employers, third-party administrators, and insurance companies in their defense of workers’ compensation claims throughout Kansas. In addition to defending workers compensation claims, we also handle subrogation work for insurance companies when an injury occurs as the result of the negligence of a third party. We also defend uninsured employers in administrative penalty actions brought by the Department of Labor for failure to have workers’ compensation insurance.

When defending claims, we take a proactive approach in our defense strategy, and when a claim results in litigation, we aggressively defend it both at the trial and appellate levels. Our diverse client base has offered us the opportunity to handle matters in a variety of industries, and has provided us the ability to develop and implement an effective and innovative claim handling philosophy. Our goal is to handle matters swiftly and aggressively to obtain a positive outcome in each case.

We maintain open lines of communication for the timely and effective exchange of information, and to build relationships with the employers we represent, as well as their insurance providers.

In addition to defending claims, Martin Pringle attorneys stay abreast of issues that affect employers and insurance companies, and offer preventive counseling regarding various employment practices.

Terry Torline, the head of our workers’ compensation defense practice has more than 25 years-experience representing employers in workers compensation defense claims. He is a frequent speaker at the Kansas Department of Labor’s Annual Workers Compensation Seminar.

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