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The world’s most successful organizations have been implementing project management platforms for decades in order to drive change, tackle projects and achieve their goals. They understand that inconsistent and ineffective approaches result in failed projects, wasted time, inefficiency, and the inability to meet expectations.

The failure to plan, or at least a failure to effectively plan, leads to disappointment. These same challenges face the legal industry, where every legal matter is a project with definable goals, boundaries and expectations. Martin Pringle understands that clients want, and expect, to hit their goals. Success in the legal arena may look different to different clients, and in different matters. A positive outcome can include a winning verdict, a reasonable settlement, a well-negotiated contract, a selected bid or proposal, a closed deal. A positive experience on the way to those desired outcomes can be had through effective project management, including meaningful communication, cost-effective representation, and useful budget forecasting.

Legal project management, or “LPM,” shares the same goals as project management platforms used by other industries—to increase efficiency and probability of success, and to keep projects on time and on budget. LPM is an overarching concept which includes components of pricing, communication and process improvement. While Martin Pringle recognizes that matters frequently are different, a firm with a history as long and diverse as ours—serving clients for over 70 years—has been through enough trials and tribulations to connect the dots and identify commonalities between effective and efficient approaches to handling legal matters and achieving success. What is clear to Martin Pringle is that there are common approaches to differing matters that, if understood and leveraged, can create gains for our clients.

We dug deep into our experiences as attorneys for all types of clients, in all types of matters, to identify those commonalities and best practices. We call the result “Confident,” Martin Pringle’s approach to LPM. Confident is designed to increase effectiveness, reduce wasted time, and better manage client expectations. Confident is a consistent but dynamic approach. It enables Martin Pringle to deal with changing landscapes and varying degrees of complexity in legal matters with the highest degree of efficiency and engagement between our attorneys and clients. Our aim is to partner with our clients to achieve their goals, but within project boundaries. Martin Pringle’s Confident approach to LPM achieves increased client satisfaction by applying proven techniques to improve management of legal matters. In short, a smoother experience for you from start to finish.



Our Confident Code

We've implemented Confident beyond just how we practice law, but also in how we approach our company culture.


CONFIDENT is more than just a self-assured term for us.
At Martin Pringle, it’s the straightforward and simplified process by which we approach legal matters.

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Kim Doze-Lohmann - Director of Marketing

Kim Doze-Lohmann

Director of Marketing,
Coordinator of Martin Pringle Confident