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Employment Law Webinar: Speech in the Workplace

Employment Law Webinar: Speech in the Workplace

June 10, 2021

On June 10, 2021, Martin Pringle attorney Michelle Moe Witte presented an employment law webinar for our clients and community members regarding Speech in the Workplace.

This last year has brought an increase in social, cultural, and political rhetoric, and much of it has spilled over from the dinner table to the water cooler. For some business, this led to important discussions about social and cultural issues that helped shape their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. For others, this caused division and morale and disciplinary issues.  Employers are left wondering what, if anything, they can do. Generally, the law does allow an employer to regulate employee speech in the workplace, but as with so many things, the circumstances matter. Plus, an employer’s ability to limit speech is not without limits. The webinar explored topics such as:

  • Why It Matters. With everything else an employer has to deal with, why should speech in the workplace be one more thing?
  • The First Amendment. What rights are actually protected by the First Amendment? How does this impact private employers?
  • Other Laws. What other laws impact employee speech and employer regulations?
  • Best Practices. Just because employers can regulate speech, should they? In what circumstances? If an employer decides to regulate speech, how do you implement it?

If you weren't able to log in live, you may view a recording of the presentation below: