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Employment Law Webinar: Social Media in the Workplace

Employment Law Webinar: Social Media in the Workplace

September 16, 2021

Thank you to those who joined Martin Pringle attorneys Lora Jennings Mizell and Quentin Aker for an employment law webinar on Social Media in the Workplace, providing terrific information to help employers manage their social media-related questions.

Social media is ever-present in our lives and in the workplace. Employers need to remain vigilant and informed about the proper use of social media and how to manage the legal risks associated with social media. Lora and Quentin discussed how to navigate the intersection between social media and the business world.

Topics included:
•             Social Media Policies and Expectations
•             Areas of Potential Liability
•             Best Practices

Missed the webinar? A video replay of the discussion is below:

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