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We’ll help keep your visions and plans locked and secure. Martin Pringle is aware of the importance of protecting your intellectual property and information technology in modern life and business, so we’ll help you leverage the most out of your ideas with sound legal planning and strategy.

Martin Pringle is keenly aware of the importance of Intellectual Property and Information Technology in modern life and business. That is why we have developed a team capable of dealing with the legal issues involving Trademark, Copyright, Intellectual Property (IP) Licensing, and a multitude of other Information Technology (IT) challenges. Additionally, our attorneys can assist in litigating a variety of disputes regarding IP and IT issues including infringement, theft of trade secrets, and enforcing non-competition or non-disclosure agreements to protect your IP.

Whether you are pursuing state or federal Trademark and Servicemark registration before a secretary of state or the United States Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO) to protect your marketing investment, or you are just starting out and in need of legal advice about Trademark searching and screening for brand protection, our attorneys can help. If you require help protecting your website or domain name and navigating the complexities of domain name disputes in litigation or in the Uniform Dispute Resolution Process (UDRP), we would be happy to assist you in that process.

Doing business online is growing increasingly complex in a cyber world of social networking, user generated content, user privacy, and evolving website terms and conditions. We can help you evaluate your online presence and plan ahead for the disputes that may occur in the future because our attorneys understand how the Internet works and they stay current on the legal implications of online activity.

Copyright Law also presents unique challenges and opportunities whether you are in the creative business generating copyrightable works or in the business of licensing and distributing those works. Software developers, authors, composers, and artists all benefit from good copyright advice in contracting to sell, assign, or license their work. In IT matters, Trademark and Copyright Law both impact the hosting, development, and authoring of website content of all kinds. Comprehensive legal counsel about these matters is the best way to protect your interests, and our team is experienced and ready to help.

In handling these matters, we have assisted a wide variety of clients with technology-related legal matters. From large manufacturers to software developers and start-up businesses, we are very proud of the growth many of our clients have experienced by leveraging the most out of their Intellectual Property and Information Technology with sound legal planning and strategy.

Because the litigation and contractual aspects of IP & IT are often national or international in scope, and because we are based in the center of the United States with some of the most reasonable hourly rates in the nation, we are uniquely poised to handle such matters. We have significant experience providing legal services in matters reaching to all 50 states, and even around the globe. We have also developed a network of the best law firms throughout the U.S. and internationally, upon whom we can draw for a local counsel as needed. This enables us to help our clients with virtually any type of legal problem they face, and in any location.

CONFIDENT is more than just a self-assured term for us.
At Martin Pringle, it’s the straightforward and simplified process by which we approach legal matters.

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