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Martin Pringle prides itself on the reputation we have earned in the management of large-scale product liability cases. It began with our development of the renowned aviation products liability defense program for Beechcraft Corporation and has transitioned into a thriving practice representing the rights of manufacturers, distributors, dealers and other industries who face litigation over alleged design, manufacturing and malfunctioning defects. We will identify the strengths and weaknesses of potential claims and fine-tune the best possible defense for you.

Martin Pringle’s products liability defense practice has long been its best known and most highly respected practice area.

It started with the firm’s development of the renowned aviation products liability defense program for Beechcraft Corporation.  Under the leadership of Bob Martin and Bill Oliver, this practice area has steadily expanded to include almost every area of products liability defense work.  This includes accident investigation and prevention, and then defending product manufacturers once litigation is filed.  Martin Pringle has aggressively defended cases for American and foreign manufacturers in all product areas, including aircraft, industrial machinery, road equipment, tire and automobiles, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, aviation components, and health care products, to name just a few.

Bob Martin was instrumental in the drafting and passage of the General Aviation Revitalization Act of 1994 (GARA), which limited aircraft manufacturer’s exposure to products liability suits after 18 years.  Martin Pringle’s lawyers have become experts in defending aviation products under GARA.

Wal-Mart recognized Martin Pringle’s expertise in defending products liability suits, retaining Martin Pringle to act as national coordinating counsel for several years in the early 2000’s.

The British aviation company, BBA, retained the firm to represent it and its various U.S. subsidiaries in products liability and other aviation-related cases.

Lawyers in the products group have diversified litigation practices and have tried wrongful death, personal injury, toxic tort, and complex litigation cases, including class actions and multi-district federal court litigation.  Martin Pringle has also successfully represented a number of pharmaceutical companies.

Martin Pringle prides itself on skillfully defending its clients and their products, and doesn’t hesitate to do so through trial and the appellate process when appropriate.

CONFIDENT is more than just a self-assured term for us.
At Martin Pringle, it’s the straightforward and simplified process by which we approach legal matters.

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